What do we sell?
We sell the most popular bicycle brands in Guildford. If you can’t see what you are looking for, then please ask. We can order in and provide excellent after sales and warranty services too.

Are you a specialist shop?
We are the ONLY shop in Guildford allowed to stock Specialized bikes, and we are one of only three bike shops in the UK selling Forbidden bike frames.  Pop in to check our range of bikes in Guildford.  We also offer a decent range of bike parts, accessories and clothing from the major brands for road biking, mountain biking, commuting and leisure cycling.

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Specialized logo

Specialized – USA – since 1974 (what they say)

“We are riders—that fact has guided our every decision since 1974. When quality tires weren’t around, we strove to make the best. When people wanted to ride cruisers in the dirt, we made the first production mountain bike. When roadies wanted to go faster, we doubled-down on carbon and built our own wind tunnel. And when we saw kids struggling to focus in school, we started the Specialized Foundation to help them through cycling. Specialized. Made for riders, by riders.”

Specialized have been around for over 45 years and make a huge range of bikes, bike components and apparel. They are now driving the pursuit of e-bikes and we have a large range of Specialized electric bikes (Turbo e-bikes) to buy and a demo or two in the shop in Burpham. Come in and check them out..

Orange bikes Guildford

Orange – Halifax, Yorkshire, UK – since 1988

Orange produces a wide range of mountain bikes, ranging from the full-suspension downhill 224 to the steel hardtail P7. Orange’s original hardtail was the Clockwork, named after the film. Orange-sponsored riders have held the downhill world cup championship in 2001 (Greg Minnaar), 2002 and 2004 (Steve Peat), as well as the women’s under 21 downhill world championship (Tracey Hannah in 2006). Entry and mid-level Orange bikes are built in Taiwan, while more expensive models are hand built in their Halifax factory. The Patriot is one of Orange’s best selling models and was the best selling performance mountain bike in Britain for several years.

If you love Orange bikes, then pop into our bike shop in Burpham, or get in touch.

Whyte Bikes logo Guildford

Whyte Bikes – UK – since 1999 (what they say)

“The true definition of freedom is that you can do what you want when you want. At Whyte that means a bike designed to work at its best whenever you need it to and whatever the weather. Obviously it helps massively that we’re a proudly British company, who do the vast amount of our relentless development riding to work in the same – often grim – conditions as you. That’s why the bearings behind our anodised suspension caps are far tougher than those you’ll find elsewhere. Specific limited rotation high load bearing sets that aren’t just protected with the caps themselves but also an extra layer of grease we spent years finding. They’re even lifetime warrantied so in the unlikely event you do manage to wear them out we’ll send you a free replacement set as a prize for your dirt dedication.”

Whyte Bikes is a UK based company that has been around for over 20 years now. Their initial excellent offerings were mountain bikes, but now they have a wide range from mountain, road, e-bikes and leisure. Come in and check them out..

Forbidden Bikes Guildford

Forbidden – Vancouver Island, Canada – since 2018

The Forbidden Bike Company enters the MTB scene with a high single pivot trail bike which is just AWESOME.

Forbidden is the brainchild of frame designer Owen Pemberton, who spent more than seven years working for Norco before departing last spring. Pemberton teamed up with Alastair Beckett (former product manager for Nukeproof) along with Simon Miller and Trevor Ferrao, creating a small but well-rounded team to launch the company in 2018.

Ace Bicycles in Burpham is one of only three retailers in the UK allowed to stock Forbidden frames. If you’d like to know more then get in touch.

Cervelo Bikes Guildford

Cervelo – Toronto, Canada – since 1995 (what they say)

“For more than two decades the goal at Cervélo has been simple: Design and engineer the world’s fastest bikes. Whether you’re a Grand Tour racer, Ironman champion, age-grouper or Saturday morning enthusiast, we know you demand the best in order to achieve your personal best – and we’re passionate about helping you get there.”

Whether your out on the roads on a Sunday morning, training for a triathlon or are looking for the fastest bikes on the planet, then check out Cervelo at Ace Bicycles. Come in and check them out..

Nukeproof logo

Nukeproof Industries – Michigan, USA – since 1990

Nuke Proof Industries pioneered early use of emerging exciting materials like titanium and carbon fibre. Most known for their famous carbon/aluminium hubs.

Nuke Proof Industries now produce titanium frames, handle bars and other innovative components made from carbon fibre. The company is represented at big notable events by athletes such as James Bethea, a guy with a powerful appetite for winning and a cutting edge attitude to go with it. Check out the bikes and accessories at Ace and get in touch.

Focus bikes Guildford

Focus – Black Forest, Germany – since 1992 (what they say)

“In 1992, Mike Kluge won the professional world champion title in Leeds, Great Britain, on a self-built cyclocross bike. On the back of this success, he decided it must be now or never and founded the bike brand FOCUS together with Hans-Jörg Furrer in the Black Forest in Germany.”

Focus now offer a range of full suspension and hardtail e-mountain bikes, and e-roadbikes in tandem with their non-electric rather excellent equivalents. They have been around a long time and the engineering is second to none. If you’d like to check out Focus bikes, then contact us at Ace bikes in Burpham..

Cube bikes Guildford

Cube – Waldershof, Germany – since 1993

Cube has expanded across the World to be one of the big players. The current product range consists electric and non-electric full suspension, hard tail mountain bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, triathlon bikes, general e-bikes as well as trekking bikes. Ergonomically fitted women´s bikes, bikes for kids, wear and accessories complete the product line-up. It’s all impressive stuff!

German engineering is legendary. The build quality and durability of Cube bikes is excellent. Get in touch to check our Cube bikes.

Trust Mountain Bike Forks Guildford

Trust – Salt Lake City, USA – since 2018 (what they say)

“Let’s rewind to our early days of product development. We planned to build a whole line of front suspensions in 10mm increments for different wheel sizes, because that’s what everyone else does.Once we started riding our prototypes, we felt a few things that had us scratching our heads and changed our perceptions. We swapped traditional telescopic forks for our linkage design and were immediately able to push harder through turns and take new lines on our well-worn test tracks without thinking twice.

The improvement wasn’t incremental; it was awesome. We dubbed this sensation “The Trust Effect” and quickly realized it was the combination of three things: the separation of structural support from the suspension, reliable handling that comes from consistent caster, and the use of a leverage rate curve.”

These forks are epic! If you’d like to put your trust in Trust, then contact us at Ace bikes in Burpham..

DMR Bikes Guildford

DMR BIKES – British Countryside, UK – since 1995 (what they say)

“Out of our base in the British countryside, DMR Bikes has been designing and creating some of the best Mountain Bikes, dirt jump bikes, pedals, frames and components for over 20 years. From the iconic V12 pedal to the legendary Trailstar frame, our team of riders and designers continue to work with some of the sports biggest names to create products that will endure the riding we all know, do, and love.”

Degrees in product design and years working in Taiwan mean the core people at DMR are very qualified to produce excellent bike products… and they do! For anything DMR Get in touch.

Frog Bikes Guildford

Frog Bikes – Ascot, UK – since 2013 (what they say)

“Jerry & Shelley Lawson founded Frog Bikes in 2013. It was a fruitless bike hunt for their own two children that inspired them to leave their corporate careers behind and create bikes just for kids.

As they set about creating quality, lightweight & affordable kids’ bikes Frog Bikes was born. Five years down the line and Frog’s child-centred approach has earned them global accolade; industry awards for innovation and design, an award-winning factory, around 1,800 retailers worldwide and thriving partnerships.”

We apply Frog Fit technology so we can measure your child and ensure the best fit for every young rider. Come and see our Frog bikes at Ace in Burpham..

Fox helmets Guildford

Fox (Fox Racing) – California, USA & Calgary, Canada – since 1974

Initially focussed on motocross, but now with a firm foothold in the mountain bike and motocross helmet and apparel markets, Fox has been around for a long time. The Fox brand is one of the most recognized and best-selling brand of motocross and mountain bike apparel in the world today. Fox built its business by developing clothing for high intensity, physically demanding sports. They look great too!

(what they say) “Trusted and tested by some of the world’s best MTB athletes, Fox continue to lead the market of MTB clothing and gear with cutting edge innovation and superior protection. With our mountain bike clothing and accessories, we are proud to offer a wide gamut of choices that will make your riding safer and performing better from top of the mountain to the bottom.” Buy Fox at Ace.

Rockshox Forks Guildford

Rockshox (SRAM) – Worldwide – since 1987

SRAM was founded on a single product in 1987 and introduced the Grip Shift (or twist shift) shifter to the road bike market in 1988. In 1991 that technology was adapted for mountain bikes, and SRAM quickly grew. In 2002, SRAM acquired suspension manufacturer, RockShox. RockShox was one of the most recognizable brands in cycling and an industry innovator who introduced suspension and reshaped mountain biking for the entire world.

I you need new shocks, or need front fork servicing, then pop into Ace in Burpham for excellent advice and great service.

EXT racing shox Guildford

EXT Shox – California, USA & Calgary, Canada – since 1986 (what they say)

“ExtremeRacingShox mountain bike products are the best performant on the market. One of the most appreciated racing shocks chosen by the best athletes and team. EXT R&D department develop this shock for one reason: create the best mtb shock in the world, implement the most sophisticated technologies, developing new one by enclosing in a single product the essence of our experience.”

Born of it’s motorsport heritage, the EXT embarked on its Mountain Bike program in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. These Shox really are rather awesome! Buy EXT at Ace.

Smith bike helmets Guildford

Smith – Idaho, USA – since 1965 (what they say)

“Originating from Sun Valley, Idaho, Smith was founded in 1965 with the invention of the first snow goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. With 50 years of innovation and design experience, Smith is widely known today as an industry leader that pioneers advanced eyewear and helmets that incorporate dynamic technologies, optimized performance and clean styling to fuel fun beyond walls.”

We love Smith Helmets here at Ace. They are just one of the most advanced/best helmets you can buy. Pop in to Ace to get your Smith bike helmet.

Hope hubs Guildford

Hope – Barnoldswick, UK – since 1989 (what they say)

“Since the first few days of trade back in 1989, Hope Technology co-owners Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp have maintained the same ethos behind the business – high quality products, no sales waffle.Let the products do the talking. For nearly 25 years, Hope Technology has been pushing the industry forward through designing, testing and manufacturing virtually all products in-house at the factory in Barnoldswick, United Kingdom.”

Hope don’t just make hubs (which are excellent), but a wide range of bike parts and accessories. Check out our range at Ace in Burpham.

100 percent bike helmets Guildford

100% – San Diego, USA – since 1980 (what they say)

“The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross Americana and has been linked to many iconic moments that have built the roots and history of what is modern motocross. The roots of the 100% brand date back to the early 1980’s when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment of the biggest names in motocross.”

Like many brands covering adrenaline sports, they diversify. Lucky for us in biking we now have an exceptional range of 100% bike helmets and associated items. Visit Ace bicycles in Burpham to try on 100% helmet.